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Yes, we are talking about the anticipated Clemson vs LSU match. College Football Playoff National Championship game will have many eyes on it as two storylines unfold. Will Clemson finally establish themselves as one of the elites in the nation’s eyes? Will LSU show they are as dynamic and dominant as they had been sold to us by the early results? Let’s break down what we can expect in this upcoming match-up. First, we need to point out the coincidence that both team names are the same. As in the Clemson Tigers are going to be facing the LSU Tigers. So, for the benefit of the reader,...

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Clemson has been rising up through the college football ranks in the past couple of years. If there’s a word that we could label this Tigers team it would be ‘consistency’. From the arrival in 2008 of Coach Swinney, also affectionally known as Dabo, all the way to 2015 where Clemson saw their first playoff appearance, they have been led by a gutsy underdog coach against some of the other giants like Oklahoma and Alabama to gain national recognition.Clemson fell short in their first national game against Alabama, but nobody expected them to be there in the first place. After that they became America’s darling team...

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Alabama scored quickly and then paced their way to a 45-34 victory over Oklahoma to secure a spot in the National Championship yet again. On the other side is a familiar foe, the Clemson Tigers, who easily beat down the Notre Dame (Supposedly) Fighting Irish 30-3. To celebrate the Tigers of Orange and their victory, all Clemson products are 30% off, their point total in the semifinal, until Monday night. Click here to see what our Clemson supply looks like. Clemson wide receiver Justyn Ross (8) celebrates his touchdown catch in front of Notre Dame safety Jalen Elliott (21) in the first...

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