The season is gone, hope is not

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The season is gone, hope is not

The college football season officially ended with the Clemson loss to LSU in the championship game. While Clemson was denied back-to-back national titles, the experts are already putting them as the favorite in a way too early top 25 ranking. This past season the Clemson Tigers were ranked 3rd, behind LSU and Ohio State. Now they have been ranked 1st, way before the season begins in August.

With quarterback Trevor Lawrence coming back the Tigers will be ready to attempt another unbeaten regular season. Even after their defeat against LSU, and their first loss in the past 30 games, Clemson is the team to beat in 2020. Not only are they bringing their quarterback for one more run, they will most likely keep experienced receivers Justyn Ross and Amari Rodgers. Tailback Travis Etienne and cornerback A.J Terrell could consider an early departure, but they might come back for one last run for the title. Clemson most likely will have to replace four starting offensive linemen and some safeties. Despite the anticipated losses, they will be by far the more most talented team in the ACC.

The top five ranked teams in this early evaluation are: Clemson 1st, Ohio State 2nd, Alabama 3rd, LSU 4th and Oregon 5th. Some others Fan Frenzy teams that made the top 25 teams are: Iowa State 16th, Boise State 18th, Memphis 21st and Iowa 23rd.

Now that football is over, we are quickly getting closer to another major sporting event, March Madness. Let’s take a quick look at how some Fan Frenzy teams are doing. The Kansas Jayhawks are ranked 5th overall with a 11-3 record in the Big 12. At 13th we have the Oregon Ducks with a Pac-12 record of 14-3 and undefeated at home. Colorado is 21st with 13-3, followed by Memphis at 22nd with the same record. IowaIllinois and BYU are 31st, 32nd and 33rd respectively. Oregon State comes at 45th, NC State at 55th, Missouri 57th and Utah 60th. Stay connected and  be sure to share the updates with other fans. Find gifts and team accessories for the True Fan(s) at

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